BE the Flow

November 21, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Soul Synergy Center
5490 Castlewoods Blvd
MS 39232
Dottie Prestel

A self-care class, offering the surprisingly simple yet incredibly powerful hands on , Japanese Art of High Touch Jin Shin, to relax the body and the mind. Simple and Soul Satisfying Touch. Gentle and nurturing ~a welcome reprieve from our over-stimulated world.


Accelerate your ability to let go and move into the new.
In Part One, you will begin to harmonize the entire circulation of life energy in your mind-body-spirit. Having fun with coloring, you will learn the finger’s and thumb’s associations and RELEASE the 5 attitudes – Worry, Fear, Anger, Grief, Trying-to and RECEIVE the 5 Essences – Trust-Courage-Peace-Love-Joy.
*Ease pain, Boost energy, Digest and Rest, Reduce stress and Feel better*
BE the Flow

WE can easily share with our children and our parents/grandparents this simple way to soothe anxiety and feel better anytime.
A wonderful way to enhance meditation, quiet the mind, and Be in the present.

Part Two
WE begin with a brief history of High Touch Jin Shin and the “36 Connecting breaths”.
Learn to feel and harmonize your own energy pulse as you discover your ‘Main Central Vertical Flow’ a.k.a. the ‘Ancestral River.’ All energy pathways flow from this energy river. Learn and experience the “quick release” for the Left and Right Major and Mediator flows. These 3 flows are known as the Trinity Flows.
Super simple way to harmonize all dis-comforts and cultivate vibrant health and maintain fitness.
~Drop the shoulders and relieve digital screen overload
~Let go of resistance and strengthen immunity
~Ease pain and sleep better
~Improve memory and enhance presence
~Aid digestion and boost energy
~Balance hormones and improve fertility
~Awaken creativity and sexual rejuvenate
~quiet inner critic and feel safe
~Ease restless legs and be refreshed
~Balance blood pressure and soothe all matters of the heart

**Keeping the central channel flowing freely is vital for your well-being. This flow connects your personal energy to Universal Energy! Use at bedtime to prepare for sleep and in the morning to start the day with a calm, focused energy. Anytime is good. It gives you what you need in the moment.

Each part will have a special guided meditation to give you an opportunity to feel and experience the balancing and shifting of your energy. A powerful group healing.
BE the Flow

Wonderful handouts made especially for you.

Chairs, bolsters, and blankets provided. Feel free to bring your own.
Bring water in closed container. A light snack if you need.
For optimal results, do not eat a heavy meal before or after class.

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