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Intro To Animal Energy Healing, Communication, Telepathy & Intuition Evening Playshop

February 16, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Soul Synergy Rocks and Yoga
3010 Lakeland Cove
Suite X, Flowood
MS 39232
Intro To Animal Energy Healing, Communication, Telepathy & Intuition Evening Playshop @ Soul Synergy Rocks and Yoga



During this fun and informative introductory seminar, you will learn:

What you can do to help animals on a global scale, using energy and consciousness
What the sacred divine mission of animals is and what they are really doing on planet earth
What your animal knows about you and what he or she is trying to communicate to you, as well as how you can both live better, more fulfilling lives using The Universal Language of Love that all animals speak
What Animal Communication, Telepathy and Psychic Communication is, why it is real and scientifically valid
How and why Animal Communication and Telepathy works and the factual, scientific evidence behind it
How to develop and enhance your understanding of telepathy and also of energy and how to use it
Why animal communication is the doorway to behavioral training of the future
How animal communication can and does assist with diagnosis of physical and emotional ailments and will become even more valuable of a tool for veterinary medicine of the future
How YOU can begin using it with YOUR animal companions right away
The ROOT CAUSE and CURE of ALL health related issues in ALL animals (including humans) AND how to cure it
How to support, assist and serve animals on a global scale

You will also:

Gain insights and guidance about animals in the afterlife and what happens to all animals after they cross over
Learn about the Sacred Contracts of Animals
Discover what our animal companions have to teach us about what happens during and after the dying process
Learn what happens during the actual crossing and learn how to assist them during this process
Learn about recognizing signs from ‘The Other Side’
Come to know that your beloved animals (as well as other family members, even of the human species) are safe and happy even though they no longer have a physical body
Explore animal totems and messages from the Animal Kingdoms ~ receive valuable guidance from your animal totems
Receive insights and guidance from your most magnificent teachers and healers: your animals
Understand how you can connect with any animal and really know what the animal is thinking and feeling; not just via human perception, but through direct, soul-to-soul contact with the animal
Discover the ONE THING that animal lovers across the globe do “WRONG” to try to help animals, that actually hurts them most and how you can easily and joyously change it for the better
Learn the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing YOU can do to help animals on a global scale



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