Reiki Share for SSC Practitioners
Reiki Share for Practitioners

Reiki Share for SSC Practitioners

December 16, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Soul Synergy Center
5490 Castlewoods Court
Suite D
Suggested donation: $15
Allyn Evans
Reiki Share for SSC Practitioners @ Soul Synergy Center

This Reiki Share is for practitioners who were trained at the Soul Synergy Center.

We host this event to provide a place for our practitioners to practice in a “teaching” environment.

Not a SSC Practitioner, but still want to attend a Reiki Share? We offer one open to our larger community, that means you, the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. We also have a virtual Reiki Share every 1st Wednesday also at 7:00 p.m.(just ask us).

If you want to know more about Reiki, or would love to experience an energy session, then join our Reiki Share that is open to our community of Soul Synergy Center clients and customers. 

Click here to find out more.

We ask that those who do attend share in the venue cost for the evening. If donations are higher than the venue cost, those dollars will be given to the MS Reiki Association for our Reiki community use and growth.

What we’ll need you to bring:

Besides yourself? If you have a portable massage table, please bring.  We’ll need more than is available at the Soul Synergy Center. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Allyn Evans, Reiki Master Teacher.

Your organizers are: Allyn Evans, RMT and the MS Reiki Association Members


Here are some common reasons people want to learn Reiki. It’s an easy to learn method that can:

  • Support a family member or themselves when experiencing an illness
  • Be used as a preventative measure to ward off sickness for themselves, their children, partners and family
  • Provide an additional tool to help themselves during stressful times and enhance their well being
  • Reduce stress for themselves and people they help
  • Manage or down modulate their pain while easing their suffering
  • Provide a means to delve more deeply into their own healing journey
  • Serve as another tool to compliment other modalities, such as massage, physiotherapy and craniosacral therapies
  • Provide additional care to themselves and their patients, loved ones in the hospital or other similar environments
  • Open the door to them perceiving subtle energies and heightening their intuitive abilities.

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