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We love hosting a variety of seminars, workshops, demonstrations, and other events in our Teaching Center! See the calendar below to find out what’s on the upcoming schedule. 

Reiki Share @ Soul Synergy Center
Aug 28 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Reiki Share @ Soul Synergy Center

Practice Reiki or any energy modality? Want to learn more about Reiki? Or, think Reiki might just help you … You are Welcome!

Our Reiki Shares happen the 4th Wednesday every month.

We do this a little different than most. We break a little from the traditional meaning of a Reiki Share or Circle. We invite those who are new to Reiki and/or those who are seeking assistance.

If you are coming to learn more about it, you’ll get front row seats and will be able to learn more about how it works.

Anyone trained in Reiki at any level (or any other energy healing method, like Healing Touch) is welcome to join us where you can hone your skills working on other practitioners and the general public. We take turns and do our best to provide an opportunity for everyone to receive a Reiki session.

If this is all new to you, but you think it’s something you will want to learn to do, there’s always an upcoming class scheduled. Private classes are also possible. 

Your donation will help us cover expenses. We recommend $15. That being said, this event is free. It is perfectly fine to attend without making a donation.

What we’ll need you to bring:

Besides yourself? If you have a portable massage table, please bring.  We’ll need more than is available at the Soul Synergy Center. We’ll need you to bring cover sheets too. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Allyn Evans, Reiki Master Teacher.

Your organizers are: Allyn Evans, RMT and William Kelly, Reiki II


Why would you want to learn Reiki? 

It is said that the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui claimed that anyone can learn Reiki. To paraphrase, he answered saying that it didn’t your gender, race, experience or knowledge. He said: Anyone with common sense can receive the power accurately in a short time and can heal selves and others.”

Here are some common reasons people want to learn Reiki. It’s an easy to learn method that can:

  • Support a family member or themselves when experiencing an illness
  • Be used as a preventative measure to ward off sickness for themselves, their children, partners and family
  • Provide an additional tool to help themselves during stressful times and enhance their well being
  • Reduce stress for themselves and people they help
  • Manage or down modulate their pain while easing their suffering
  • Provide a means to delve more deeply into their own healing journey
  • Serve as another tool to compliment other modalities, such as massage, physiotherapy and craniosacral therapies
  • Provide additional care to themselves and their patients, loved ones in the hospital or other similar environments
  • Open the door to them perceiving subtle energies and heightening their intuitive abilities.
Lose Weight with Hypnosis: Free Workshop and Mini Hypnosis Session @ Soul Synergy Center
Aug 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Lose Weight with Hypnosis: Free Workshop and Mini Hypnosis Session @ Soul Synergy Center

If you’ve tried numerous diet plans to control your overeating, cravings, binge/emotional eating, mindless eating or avoidance of exercise with no lasting results…

Then it is time to look at hypnosis.

You didn’t wake up this morning struggling with your weight for the very first time. Multiple small changes and habits over time have combined together to create your weight challenges. Life challenges such as birth of a child, divorce, death, relationships and more can influence every part of our lives.

Uncontrolled eating is one result that can creep in and take over. Long term overeating can effect your health, your mind and your very heart & soul.

Healthy You Weight Loss Hypnosis helps you identify the source of these challenges so you can replace or eliminate each one.

The program and path for you is personalized and is specific and as unique as you are.

Join us for this Free Workshop to discover how you can choose a new path for your life. Freedom is just around the corner. It’s Your Choice. You Choose. There will be a Hypnosis Demonstration at the end to help you release stress and tension and provide you with a wonderful nights sleep at the end of your day.

Self-Discovery Seminar for Spiritual Seekers @ Soul Synergy Center
Aug 31 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Self-Discovery Seminar for Spiritual Seekers @ Soul Synergy Center

Self-Discovery Seminar for Spiritual Seekers

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Assessment Instrument with Spiritual Intuitive Duann Kier

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Soul Synergy Center
5490 Castlewoods Court
Flowood, MS  39232

> Who are you?
> What do you need for spiritual wholeness?
> How does the divine speak to you?
> What are your spiritual values and vulnerabilities?
> How do you choose the next steps on
your spiritual path?
> How are the spiritual paths of others
different from yours?
> What would be your heaven?  your hell?

Register early and save $25!
$150 before 3pm on Friday, Aug 16, 2019
$175 after 3pm on Friday, Aug 16, 2019

> MBTI Personality Assessment Instrument
> Participant Workbook
> Afternoon of Training with a Spiritual
Intuitive, Hypnotist, Teacher and Author

Please be apprised, no refunds will be given for no-shows.

Therapeutic Sound Bath @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 7 @ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm
Therapeutic Sound Bath @ Soul Synergy Center

Borrowing from ancient traditions, a sound bath is a relaxing and meditative experience.

Participants are “bathed” in sound waves and frequencies created by crystal and tibetan metal singing bowls, gongs, and chimes.

Most people walk away from the experience describing it as “cleansing” or “clearing” mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Sound baths are also frequently referred to as sound massages. Sound baths promote clearing and removal of stagnant energy and promote the flow of renewed healing energy.

Meditate Like the Masters @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 8 @ 10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Meditate Like the Masters! Day Two

Learn the traditional method used at The Monroe Institute. Taught by Allyn Evans, one of only 20 Residential Trainers at The Monroe Institute, the world’s leading residential educational center for exploring expanded states of consciousness.

Reach meditative states that Zen Masters take decades to learn in a matter of minutes.



The cost is $111 for the one-day workshop.



Jill M Jackson Book Signing and Author Meet & Greet @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 13 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join Jill M. Jackson for her BOOK SIGNING EVENT and Author Meet & Greet!

WHEN: Friday, September 13, 2019

Time: 7:00 to 8:00

Where: Soul Synergy Center

Address: 5490 Castlewoods Court Suite D, Flowood, MS 39232


Come out and get your book copy signed by Jill and hear her Free talk about her journey so far and what is coming up next!

Spiritual & Holistic Fair @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 14 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Spiritual & Holistic Fair @ Soul Synergy Center

Join us for our Quarterly Spiritual and Holistic Fair! These are the types of booths we will have:

*Reiki Healing Practitioners
*Life Coaches
*Local Artists
*Aura Portraits

The fair will be from 11-6 and sessions will be either 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

This is your chance to experience many healing modalities all in 1 day!

There will also be lots of specials on retail! And there will be booths with local artisans!

Come out and join us!

Shamatha meditation in the Salt Cave with Beth Herzig @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 18 @ 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
Shamatha meditation in the Salt Cave with Beth Herzig @ Soul Synergy Center

Meditation in the Salt Cave!

Meditation is much more than a practice, it is a path, a way of being in the world. In addition to stress reduction and a myriad of health benefits, a steady practice shows you how to work with your mind so you are not at the mercy of harsh self-judgment, fear, anger, and procrastination.” – Susan Piver
Whether you are new to meditation or practice regularly, come to sit with us in the Salt Cave for a unique Shamatha meditation experience lead by Beth Herzig. Shamatha (peaceful abiding) meditation practice aims to stabilize the mind through breath-centered awareness.

“I’m honored to help light the path for peace of mind to those who want to sit with us, all are welcome,” Beth said about the upcoming event.

Beth trained to lead Shamatha meditation practice directly under Susan Piver, best-selling author of numerous books on Buddhism and the founder of the Open Heart Project. In addition to practicing meditation for several years, and training in Shamatha, Beth has also studied MBSR and insight meditation techniques. She is a board member at Flowering Lotus Meditation Retreat Center in Magnolia, MS. She is the mother of two daughters, and the owner of Discount Trophy in Ridgeland.

Only $13!

Please bring your own meditation cushion. Soul Synergy Center has meditation cushions available for purchase if you do not have your own.


Past Life Regression in the Salt Cave @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 20 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Past Life Regression in the Salt Cave @ Soul Synergy Center
Gain a deeper understanding of life challenges, transform grief and loss, dissolve fear of death, spiritual growth and healing, accrue wisdom, connect to higher self, spirit guides and teachers.
Group past life regressions are a profound and unique experience that you can share with your family and friends.
The two-hour session includes an explanation of hypnosis prior to the session, a group past life regression, and discussion after the session.
All of this happens in the Salt Cave!
$55 Per Person
Autumn Equinox Ceremony and Seer Session Gallery @ Soul Synergy Center
Sep 21 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Autumn Equinox Ceremony and Seer Session Gallery @ Soul Synergy Center

Come celebrate an Autumn Equinox Ceremony with like-minded souls and then participate in a Seer Session Gallery with Spiritual Intuitive, Duann Kier.

The Autumn Equinox arrives in Mississippi at 2:50 am on Monday, September 23.  At this moment, the sun shines directly upon the equator and the earth’s rotational axis is neither tilted away from, nor towards, the sun.  It is the season of the year when light and dark are in almost equal balance just before the sun begins to wane for its rebirth on Winter Solstice.  At this harvest ceremony, we will be celebrating the ways in which we all have been victorious in our lives over the last year—both big and small.  Bring an item for our altar which will symbolize this for you and will continue to do so when you take it home.

Following the ceremony, Duann will offer a Seer Session Gallery.  A gallery is a great opportunity for you to experience a brief confidential psychic reading even in a group setting.  How? You will be offered the opportunity to select a tarot card for yourself right after our break.  Once you’ve noted the name of the card, you’ll be asked to drop it in a container from which Duann will draw cards to “read” throughout the evening.  She will get to as many cards as time allows.  In addition to messages received for individuals, messages are also usually received for the group as a whole.

Register early and save $10!

$33 before 3pm on Fri, Sept 13, 2019

$44 after 3pm on Fri, Sept 13, 2019

Future Ceremonies/Galleries:

Winter Solstice Event, Dec. 21, 2019

Continuing Events TBA


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