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We love hosting a variety of seminars, workshops, demonstrations, and other events in our Teaching Center! See the calendar below to find out what’s on the upcoming schedule. 

Mind Movies for Becoming a Conscious Creator in Your Life @ Soul Synergy Center
Apr 6 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Mind Movies for Becoming a Conscious Creator in Your Life @ Soul Synergy Center

Mind Movies to Become a Conscious Creator in Your Life

This is vision boards on steroids! 

This is a life-changing tool to help you focus on your dreams and goals. The key: It really is about focus and attention while stepping into the emotions you are wanting to bring into your life.  Once you have your 3- to 7-minute movie, you spend only a few minutes a day using the system (which will be introduced). This tool is mobile. You can watch it anytime you need inspiration! This is an effective technique to help you step into your ideal future in the present moment, as if you are already there.Your movie will be personalized and include  pictures, affirmations and a favorite song.

The impact is significant. This really might be your missing piece to solving the puzzle.

Next stop … the life you always wanted.

If you want to create a Mind Movie using the Mind Movie software, be prepared to pay a one-time fee of $97 for access to the program for unlimited access. (Allyn will provide details at the workshop, if you want to use the software yourself.)  If you’d rather just create create your own movie using some other application you already have (or something recommended by Allyn that’s free), that’s fine too. It still works!

Allyn offers private Mind Movie sessions for those who want help creating their movie and/or directional support. 

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