the heart of Soul Synergy Center

Welcome to the Gift Shop

When you enter our gift shop, you are welcomed by the colors, scents, and warm smiles of our staff. We can help you find just the right gift idea or something for yourself.
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We invite you to have a cup of coffee or hot tea and wander. We hope you find our products calming for your mind, transformational for your spirit, encouraging wellness for your body, and fun for your soul.

Some of the treasures you will find in our shop:

Each of our items are carefully chosen for quality and integrity, always keeping our prices competitive. 

  • Crystal singing bowls and pyramids
  • Essential Oils and oil diffusers
  • Stones – a wide range of tumbled, rough, polished, clusters, and points
  • White sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, and other grasses for smudging and clearing
  • Reiki-infused votives, intention candles, and pillars
  • Buddhist and Hindu statuary and prayer flags
  • Mystical Fairies, Goddesses and Green Men
  • Japanese and American-made incense
  • Incense burners, hand-thrown pottery bowls and wheels
  • Handcrafted jewelry
  • Woodstock Chimes
  • Salt lamps in many shapes and sizes
  • Swarovski hanging crystals in every size, shape, and color

Our Wish for You

It is our deepest wish that when you leave us, you find your Spirit a little lighter and you are inspired to live your best life.