Massage & Reflexology

Soul Synergy takes a Total Mind Body Care approach to Wellness by offering researched backed services and modalities, which include Massage and Reflexology.

Massage: relaxation and healing

Massage Treatments

Through a variety of massage and reflexology treatments, Soul Synergy Center offers you an escape from stress, muscle tension, chronic pain, and more.

Massage Services at Soul Synergy Center

Depending on your schedule, Soul Synergy Center offers you the chance to grab a quick 30-minute Chair Massage or a 1 hour Full Body Massage.

When you opt for a Full Body Massage, you may choose between 3 different massage techniques:

Swedish Massage

The most popular type of massage in the west, Swedish Massage is a combination of many different techniques in one treatment. The primary goal is to relax the whole body, and the technique’s long, gliding strokes help reduce stress. Swedish massage is typically the most gentle technique, but the practitioner can adjust the level of pressure.

Ideal for those seeking:

Deep Tissue Massage

A true Deep Tissue Massage is more than simply a Swedish Massage with deep pressure. The Deep Tissue massage technique works to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia in order to physically break apart knots and adhesions. Deep Tissue Massage is typically focused on a specific area—often the result of an injury—and aims to treat the specific problems caused by severe muscle tension.

Ideal for those seeking

Hot Stone Massage

During a Hot Stone Massage, the therapist uses smooth, heated stones to enhance their technique. The warmth of the stones loosens muscles and fascia, increases blood flow, and provides a relaxing, sedative effect. Some Hot Stone practitioners also incorporate traditional techniques drawn from indigenous cultures that have been adapted for modern massage.

Ideal for those seeking:

Reiki Massage

Reiki massage (energy massage) utilizes a lighter touch during the massage while creating subtle shifts in the energy field, not only relax muscles to alleviate tension and pain, to facilitate balance and healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Massage Packages

Massage sessions are available as a stand-alone service. However, most clients prefer to enjoy a massage either before or after a Salt Cave Session. Visit our Packages page for more information about discounted package options. 

To learn more about our massage therapists, visit the Practitioners page. 

Massage Pricing

Please note: When booking a 1 Hour Full Body Massage, the price is the same regardless of whether you choose a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone massage treatment. 

30 Minute Chair Massage
1 Hour Full Body Massage
1 Hour Massage + Salt Cave

Reflexology Services at Soul Synergy Center

Foot Reflexology is a pressure technique which works on the specific reflex points on the feet that correspond with the organs, glands, and body systems. 

Our practitioners offer a non-invasive therapeutic foot massage with the goal of helping each client with physical ailments as well as reducing tension and inducing a deep state of relaxation. Many clients enjoy a foot reflexology session during their salt cave session. 

(Reflexology is recommended as a complementary therapy and should not replace medical treatment.)

Reflexology Pricing

20 Minute Foot Reflexology Session + Salt Cave Session

To book your foot reflexology and salt cave session, either call us and we are happy to schedule it for you or use the links below to schedule your service online.

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