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Shamanic Equinox Journey

March 22, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Soul Synergy Center
5490 Castlewoods Blvd
MS 39232
Sharon Showalter
Shamanic Equinox Journey @ Soul Synergy Center

Want to “JOURNEY’ to explore out of ordinary reality? Join us at Soul Synergy!

No previous experience necessary: meet your power animal, visit your ancestors, meet your guides and guardians and experience YOURSELF!

When we join collectively for a common goal, the effects are powerful.

Join (SHE) Sharon Showalter, journey guide, as she leads us on this Solstice Journey. Journeying is referred to as ‘riding the drum-horse’ – meaning that the sound of the drum (or rattle) acts as a vehicle to promote a state of trance making it conducive to enter other realities.

Depending upon your intention, you may journey to Upper World, Middle World, Lower World, or beyond. You may experience shamanic ecstasy or subtleties and nuances of the dream state. Practice entering this space through the power of community and guidance. This spiritual practice is individualized according to your personal needs and your intention.

Journeying can include healing oneself or another, divine growth and expansion, enjoyment, connection with guardian spirits, learning, guidance and setting intentions from a higher spiritual perspective.

The purpose of this journey is to set intentions for the Spring Equinox. While the veils are thinning in 2020 it is vital we prepare our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves for this transformational year.

Sharon Showalter (SHE) advocates and practices the lighthearted “way of the heart” with wit, wisdom and willful work and believes that anything is achievable. She began her spiritual journey at a young age and in 1987, was ordained a Christian minister through Agape International. In embracing her Native American roots, she now shares spiritual discernment and development through journeying, drumming, and ritual ceremony. She uses advanced Reiki methodology and shamanic traditions in rituals and ceremonies, and she uses crystal and stone therapy to attract energies needed for healing and enlightenment.

Join us for the excitement! Please bring your personal drum or rattle to use in preparation for “The Journey.”For those not personally joining us, we ask for you to send energy and hold sacred space as we enter other dimensions.

PLEASE ARRIVE BY 2:00 so we can begin at 2:22 p.m. sharp!

NO REFUNDS as space is limited!

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