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Shamanic Journeying: Level 1 with Tracy Crosby

January 26, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Soul Synergy Center
5490 CAstlewoods Court Flowood MS 39232
Tracey Crosby
Shamanic Journeying: Level 1 with Tracy Crosby @ Soul Synergy Center

Learn Shamanic Journeying: Level 1 with Tracy Crosby


Since 2012, New Sun Energy Works has presented classes, ceremonies, healing sessions and information in the ancient practice of shamanic living. Join us in January and start the year off right by learning to dream your world into being!


“Learn Shamanic Journeying: Level 1” is the original beginner’s class as developed and taught by Tracy Crosby to hundreds of Mississippians. You need only your interest, and open mind and open heart to reap a wealth of information and understanding at this one-day event.



The Shamanic Journey has been used for thousands of years as a method to explore the subconscious and dreamtime worlds. Level 1 is an introduction to the origins, terminology and basic techniques of this visionary practice, bringing participants the knowledge and skills needed to use the shamanic journey anytime for personal reflection and healing.


By using the sound of the drum, participants are guided through the hidden universes discussed in myth and legend, exploring and awakening connections to Nature, inner guidance, and paths to self-development.


The practice of drumming and journeying is used in many ways: for personal healing and balance, for answers to questions, for connections and messages to assist growth and balance in life, and for pure enjoyment.


In addition to class instruction, you’ll receive a small workbook with information that you can use to practice and enjoy journeying long after you leave the class.



The class size is limited to allow comfort in the room. Register now to assure your place.  Upon registration, you will receive information about what to bring to the class and other instructions.


(Note: This class involves sitting and lying on the floor for traditional journeying practices. Please contact me before registering if you are unable to work in this way, let’s see if we can accommodate you!).



“Learn Shamanic Journeying: Level 1”  is presented in 3 sections:

* A brief history of “shamanism” and modern shamanic practices
* What “shamanism” is, and what it is not
* The difference between medicine men/women of the indigenous

cultures and modern “shamans” or neoshamans
* Introduction to modern “Western” shamans (neo-shamans) and

their research
* Terms and definitions (you’ll be able to talk the talk!)

* The techniques of journeying: entheogens vs. sonic driving
* Procedures and tools for shamanic journey
* How to “go out”  and “come back”
* Traveling safely in dreamtime- grounding and shielding
* Helpers and Companions:  Power Animals and Spirit Guides
* Visiting Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds
* Interpreting the symbols of what you encounter


*1 guided journey

*2 solo journeys with discussion and interpretation

Cost for Level 1:  $88
or register for both Level 1 and Level 2  to receive a discount! (see the link below for more information)


Link to register and for more info:


Still have questions?

contact Tracy at 601-668-4291

Tracy Crosby is a professional musician and educator with over thirty years of experience in public education. She walked a traditional path of extended apprenticeship and training in shamanic studies, including with author Jim Ewing (Clearing, Reiki Shamanism, Dreams of the Reiki Shaman, Conscious Food) and the original shamanic journey workshop “The Way of the Shaman” with Michael Harner in 2009.


Since 2008 she has offered sound therapy, soul retrieval, clearing, ceremony, Reiki and education through New Sun Energy Works and Reiki Mississippi. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds a Masters in Music from the University of Louisiana.


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