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SisterShip Circle

August 16, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Soul Synergy Center
5490 Castlewoods Ct
Flowood, MS
Laurie Smyda
SisterShip Circle @ Soul Synergy Center

She’s brave, she’s resilient, she’s fierce.  She’s your inner Warrior and she is the courage behind speaking your truth!

She takes a stand for what she believes in

She takes a stand for what she values

She takes a stand for herself

She’s your inner Warrior and she is the courage behind speaking her truth!

When you’re not being listened to, seen and respected, how do you feel?  How does your body feel, how do you react?

What arises for you when you think about speaking up for yourself?  Does your voice come freely or do you feel choked off?

Our inner Warrior desires to lead from the heart, to balance her strong will and ferocity with compassion and understanding.  She maintains boundaries that allow her to feel confident, clear and courageous to say NO when we mean NO because it says YES to something of value to her.

When you are rooted in your values, you can then discern what is a YES and what is a NO.  You know what to take a stand for!

You can feel safe in being unapologetically yourself, in your thoughts, feelings, actions and words. 

To set boundaries, we need some divine support.

In this month’s circle, it’s time to take a stand for what you value by activating your voice and communicating your soul-aligned truth.

It’s time to support yourself with clear boundaries that allow you to feel safe and heard.

 It’s time to harness your inner Warrior!

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