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Spoon Bending Without Force

November 10, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Soul Synergy Center
5490 Castlewoods Blvd
Suite D
Allyn Evans
Spoon Bending Without Force @ Soul Synergy Center

Spoon Bending without Force! 

This will be a fun afternoon! Just ask former participants!

Taught by Allyn Evans, Reiki Master Teacher and Spoon Bender

You will experience the power of your focused intention

Who Would Benefit From this Class? 

You! This is an ideal way to expand and stretch yourself as you march through your self evolution. You’ve already opened this door. You showed up at the Soul Synergy Center or you have just arrived here. Now, it’s time to take another step. This one just happens to be a lot of fun. We’ll laugh a lot. We’ll use Hemi-Sync sound technology to help us reach a good place for manipulating matter.

Why Attend? 

You will better understand your own innate ability to influence time and space, which means that it is something you can apply to other situations in your life. You will …

  • Better understand just how powerful you are.
  • Transition from believing to knowing, and if not completely you will be well on your way!
  • Feel more connected to something bigger than you.

The Particulars

Each participant will have access to an iPod. Bring your own headsets or earbuds. Noise canceling are best, although not required, because they help you delve more deeply into the experience. There will be spare earbuds on hand if you forget yours. For our meditation experience, you might wish to bring more to make yourself comfortable. We have yoga mats, things to rest your head and knees on as well as blankets. You can sit or lie down during the meditation.

The Results

Because most of all of you will never have tried to bend a spoon or fork before, you could find at the end of the afternoon, your spoon or fork looks just like it did when you started. That could happen! And, if it does just know that you will walk away with a spoon and fork and plenty of information to help you accomplish the task. You keep practicing and it will happen!

Space is limited to 20 participants.

Yes, Allyn has successfully bent spoons and has witnessed many others doing it as well … including her students at the Soul Synergy Center! So, join in the fun and hold on to your hats … Allyn is planning to help us experience mind blowing fun. Allyn attended the MC2 class at The Monroe Institute last fall to learn more ways to push physical limits, or at least limits as we think we know them.

You can bring your own forks and spoons. There are three grades and all are effective to use.

If you show up with a low-grade, which means it bends easily, then you will want to bend it above and beyond what you could do without force.

The ideal grade is a mid-level … which is hard to bend with force. And, finally the higher grade … it’s basically impossible to bend with force.

For this class we’ll be able to use spoons and forks donated by Scott and Melanie Stewart. Thanks!

“You are more than your physical body.  Go experience for yourself.”  

~ Robert Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute and Creator of Hemi-Sync

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